The Roots of Crescent Tree Productions 

Crescent Tree Productions is the collaboration of multiple talents. The owner Rosalyn (known as Luna) has brought together a magical team to enhance your event and to take it from great to incredible. Crescent Tree offers many options. 


Services include black light reactive tapestries. It is a great way to light up a space and engage your audience. Our tea lounge is a space for your guests to cuddle, unwind and connect with one another among pillows, hookah (venue permitting), a variety of teas, infused waters, ball pit, fruit and sweets, all offered free to your guests.  Body painting is available for your event which includes acrylic based paints, glitter, stencils and make-up. 

Crescent tree has teamed up with the amazing tribe of performers known as Sisters of the Blooming Sun. They are a Greater New York based performance collective bringing beauty, fierceness, tribal belly dance, breath taking costumes and sensual fire performance (venue permitting) to entice and amaze your audience. 

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